So you've started planning your day

and you're tossing around the idea of doing a first look. You have your little list of pros and cons and you've watched a ton of wedding videos on YouTube with titles similar to "GROOM reacts to BRIDE for the FIRST TIME!" (are you picturing the thumbnail for this?! 'Cause I am) but you still can't quite decide on what to do.

Well, we're here to add our opinions to your clustered noggin' to hopefully sway your decision once and for all whether you are going to do a first look or not.

Let's cut to the chase and give you our number one reason that we think First Looks are a good idea:

You are going to be ridiculously busy all day and you and your partner deserve some private time to process your emotions together.

Seriously, you've been busy before, duh, but your wedding day is going to be hella busy. Even if it's just small and you don't have a ton of guests.

Alone time? Never heard of her. Scheduling a First Look ensures that you and your hunny get a minute to collect your thoughts and process the day before you are thrown head first into your ultra social day.

While that is hands down the main reason we recommend it, we have one other not-selfish reason and one totally (but also kind of not really) selfish reason.

It's okay to be a total crybaby and honestly sometimes we are secondhand crybabies during weddings, but if the thought of having an emotional moment in front of your favourite people is a little weird for you, then a First Look should definitely be a priority for you.

Allotting for a First Look will give you time to cry it out, have some laughs, get some butt squeezes in, and still have time for a bit of a makeup touchup before you hit the runway for your ceremony.

Oh yeah, while we're talking about a makeup touchup, definitely consider having your makeup artist stick around until after your first look just to be safe!

Okay, time for us to be a little bit selfish here. Our selfish reasons kind of break into two separate categories. Like same? But different?

For starters, we also benefit from you doing a first look. We get front row seats to a huge moment for the two of you and we get to document it the entire time with no distractions. The photos and footage we capture during this time is real and it's raw and it's perfectly you. It's a special moment for just you two (and us, hi, we're there too; invading your privacy) where you aren't worrying about how others are seeing you and you aren't feeling obligated to pose for formal photos. These are the type of emotions that we love to capture and that we personally think look best.

Ultimately, though, we like to know we have time to spoil you. During a wedding day, there's bound to be something that runs behind. When time needs to be made up, guess what will be cut? Photos. Ensuring that we can get a bunch of great shots of you two prior to the actual post-ceremony formals means that you get a LOT of awesome photos for your wall (or grid, or album, or whatever) without having to worry too much about missing out on anything. We just want you to have all of the memories possible from your very fancy day!