Hiiii, We're Jess & Teagan!

We've been a couple since we were 17 years old which makes our relationship the same age as a 8th grader (as of 2022, let's face it, we'll forget to update this)! We totally plan to live in sin and have no intentions of getting hitched ourselves, but boy do we love lingering around for other people's unions!

We are based in Waterloo Ontario, which isn't our dream cabin in the woods, but it is a pretty neat city nonetheless. We take on clients all over! Fun fact, our first Elopement sort of working as a team was in Scotland! And no, we don't mean Scotland Ontario (no offense to Scotland Ontario).

We consider ourselves to be 'unprofessional professionals'. We do our job and, not to brag or anything, we produce some good work, but we also aren't very 'businessy'. We love working with couples that allow us to really melt into their day. We like to chat and be apart of your/your guests conversations, we definitely swear (but we're not total assholes so we scope the environment first to make sure it's going to fly), and we will absolutely take that shot of Fireball with you.

We treat our consultations as if we're on a double date or we're just old friends catching up. We cover the basics but mostly we want to make sure that we all like each other since we'll be spending one of the most important days of your lives together! Our engagement sessions are also very low key and we treat them in a similar way to our consults.

If you're looking for photo services for your elopement or intimate wedding, you like our natural but moody colouring and our documentary shooting style, and you don't think you'll totally hate us as people, then maybe we should connect!

a polaroid of Jess and Teagan from City + Spruce
a polaroid of Teagan from City + Spruce

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a polaroid of Jess from City + Spruce

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