Outfits, poses, and awkwardness, oh my!

If you aren't comfortable being in photos on the best of days, then boy oh boy are you in for a super awkward treat when it comes time for your engagement photos! But it's okay, we can totally help you feel a little more prepared and a little less weird!

Trust us, we know having your photo taken is a super vulnerable and awkward experience! We truly can't think of a single time where our couples have been significantly comfortable right from the jump. But we can promise you that it gets less weird feeling as the session progresses and you will end up with a collection of photos that you will be stoked about.

There are a few key things will help you get those aesthetic wall or Insta worthy photos , regardless of your comfort level! Preparing for your session may feel somewhat silly while you're doing it, but putting in the effort ahead of time will ensure you come out with photos that you're happy with.


Yes. Your outfit does matter. Yes. You do have to coordinate with your partner.

We can't stress enough how much your outfits matter. Whether you want glamourous formal engagement photos or you want laid back and relaxed photos, you still need to put some thought into what the two of you are wearing. We highly recommend staying away from prints unless you're going to go all out in a quirky fashionable way. Neutral colours that are part of the same palette will get you those aesthetic images you're hoping for. The average couple doesn't tend to leave the house in outfits that are coordinated, but remember, these aren't average photos! Keep in mind the colour scheme isn't the only thing that matters. We like to capture movement so we recommend you wear something flowy if you can! Just imagine how damn good you'll look when the wind blows and you get to have your own personal Beyonce moment.


Posing is arguably the most difficult thing for couples and we totally get it. As a couple that's been together for 12 years, we're not the most cuddly in public anymore so we get that it's not in everyone's comfort zone to get snuggly in front of people. We shoot with a documentary style. What does this mean? It means that you really don't need to worry much about posing. We aren't shooting standard photos of the two of you looking directly at us for every picture. You will be doing a lot of cuddling, dancing, walking, etc. We strive for movement in our photos and we want you to feel like you're being your true selves but like 10/10 on the PDA scale. We recommend taking a look through Pinterest and Instagram to find some shots that resonate with you so that you can feel more prepared for your photos!

"But we're weird and we've never had our photos taken!"

Bruh, almost all of the couples in our portfolio said the same thing and look at how damn good they look?! This is why we really want people to choose their photographers based on personality as much as portfolio! We really like our consultations and non wedding sessions to feel like more of a double date so that you can gauge your comfort level with us. We obviously won't be for everyone and that's totally cool! We find if you're comfortable with us as people, then your photos will turn out way better. We crack jokes, we swear, we do horrible real life examples of the poses we tell you to go into, and we show you how your photos are looking as we go. If you want someone that just shows up and stalely takes your photos on a very non personal level then we definitely won't be your best choice but for those of you that want to hang out and get some killer photos at the same time, we might be your people!