We want to do things a little differently and if you're here, we assume you do too. Look, engagement sessions are a little awkward, especially if you haven't been in front of the camera very much. That being said, they're kinda necessary so that you don't feel like a total weirdo on your wedding day. Plus, you probably want to get used to us since we're going to be with you pretty much all day on the day you say "i do" so why not spend the better part of a day with us to make sure you don't totally hate us as people?! We personally love outdoorsy things and exploring new areas and who doesn't want nice frame (or IG) worthy photos of themselves out in nature doing cool shit?!

Okay. Blah, blah, blah. On to the details.

an engaged couple running through a field while gazing at each other

Timeframe: 4ish hours

The plan: Whatever you want! We recommend finding a nice hiking trail, exploring a city or small town, going for a horseback ride, hitting the beach, or whatever floats your boat! We're happy to help you plan! Your session will yield approximately 150 images (but we don't cap it!).

What to bring: This depends on your type of adventure but definitely bring comfy shoes and weather appropriate attire. Feel free to hike in your comfies and toss on a gown when we get to a scenic spot! Definitely bring water and some snacks with you so you don't get tired or thirsty (or cranky!)

Local(ish) Adventure

Anywhere within a 1 hour drive from our home in Waterloo, ON.

$1400 +hst

Distant Adventure

Okay, so the region isn't tier scenery.

Lucky for you, we like to explore! We live within a decent proximity to places like Tobermory, Muskoka, Prince Edward County, and so much more! This type of location will run you somewhere in the ballpark of $2000+ while adventures to another province may be $5000+ish. If you have a location in mind, chat with us and we'll get all of the details ironed out with you!

a gif of an engaged couple dancing in a clearing in a forest

a couple embrace while on a motorcycle on a dirt road in the forest during autumn