Big weddings are great, but they aren't for us!

Of course, 'large' and 'small' are very subjective terms when it comes to event sizing. Some people think 50 guests make for a large wedding and some people think 120 guests make for a small wedding! The thing about us is that we know our limits and we know which type of environment we thrive in and it just isn't with big guest counts.

If you've browsed our packages before or booked us prior to 2022 then you're probably a little surprised to see that we're shifting up the way we do things for the 2023 season and beyond. The thing is, we just do a better job and feel more confident when we work with less people!

Why Change Now?

We haven't been in the wedding game for long which means our timing can either be seen as a negative or a positive change from outside perspectives.

We think the sooner we do it, the better. We weren't offering weddings at all for quite some time but decided that we make a good team and figured "why not". 2020 of course was a write off but it really gave us time to think about how we actually wanted to proceed with weddings. We'd already done a few smaller ones and we had a handful booked of various sizes. At the end of the day, we really love when we can focus our time and energy directly onto you as a couple and less on whatever may be happening around us.

Elopement vs. Intimate Wedding

As we mentioned, guest counts are subjective. We consider an Elopement to consist of pretty much just you, your officiant, and us. We spend the day really focusing on you and a timeline doesn't really exist outside of the big moments. Your parents or two close friends are probably hanging around that day as well but you don't have a traditional guest list and you're really just looking to celebrate and document your love in a stress-free environment. You're also probably getting hitched somewhere pretty cool and unique and you don't mind having to hike into your locations or explore the area (but no shade if you're keeping some aspects more traditional!).

If you're planning to have a guest list consisting of less than 60 people, then you're in the Intimate Wedding category. You only want those closest to you to share your day. You're probably getting married somewhere less traditional but large enough to comfortably accommodate your guests. You likely aren't interested in having a strict timeline outside of key events and you're more interested in spending time with your guests than having the 'perfect day' in a traditional sense. You go with the flow!

TLDR; Just you and maybe 2 witnesses? Elopement. Guest list up to 60 people? Intimate Wedding.

What can we expect from our day?

A lot of attention from us. Like a lot.

Whether you expect it or not, your photographer and videographer (whoever it may be) is going to be a big part of your day! We are with you for all of the big moments and all of the small ones in between. We will see you cry and we will maybe cry along with you depending on how emo we're feeling that day. We are capturing the key things and we're also capturing the details that you might have missed!

We are always looking for a good adventure and if you're thinking about going with us than you're probably the same. We want to help you remember your day no matter how weird or not weird it may be. You can expect us to have conversations with you/your wedding party/your guests as if we've been a part of your group for years. Our documentary focus allows us to be relatively non-invasive during the important stuff but also in your bubble (if comfort allows, stupid Covid) to get those intimate formals.

A small (or non existent) guest count really gives us the opportunity to make sure we're getting all of the important memories captured and allows us to focus on you and the people you care about the most.