2023 Investment

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Photo and Video coverage for your intimate wedding or elopement

Photo Only

Full Collections from $3600

Elopements from $2600

You always get:

2 Photographers

Minimum 60 images per hour

Complimentary Engagement or Boudoir Session*

*excluded in Elopement packages.

Photo & Video

Full Collections from $4900

Elopements from $3900

You always get:

1 Photographer & 1 Videographer

Minimum 60 images per hour

Complimentary Engagement or Boudoir Session*

Highlight Trailer

*excluded in Elopement packages.

Video Only

Full Collections from $4800

Elopements from $3800

You always get:

2 Videographers

Minimum 60 images per hour

Complimentary Engagement Video*

Highlight Trailer

*excluded in Elopement packages.

Travel Plans?

If Waterloo Region isn't quite the mountainous landscape of your dreams, we totally get it. We are ready to pack our bags to go anywhere in Canada with you! Honestly, we'll probably go literally anywhere you want.

Pricing will vary a bit with this type of elopement or wedding (visas, flights, blahblahblah) so reach out to us with details and we can chat!

a bride and groom standing in the entrance to a castle in Scotland where they eloped
a bride and her brother walk through a forest to the ceremony
a close up of a groom placing a wedding ring onto his bride's finger
a couple share a kiss during their first look in front of a family cabin
a couple share their first dance

Like what you see? Here's your next steps:

Contact Us

Fill out the form on our Contact page with information about your day! Be as detailed as you can and feel free to ask us any questions you may have!

We will wend you our full info guide to have a peek through to see which package will mesh with your day the best.


We will set up a consultation with you! This can be in-person if you are comfortable/local. If in-person isn't an option for you, we can set up a phone call or stick to emails.

Our in-person consultations are more like a 'hang out' and less like a 'business meeting'.

Book the Date

If you like hanging out with us during the consult and want to lock us down for your wedding, your last step will be to sign our contract and pay your retainer!

After that, we will plan your engagement session and hash out all of the details/plans for your day.

Stay up to date on Ig



When should we book?

We recommend reaching out ASAP!

We only take on up to 13 weddings per year so it's best to plan ahead. Why do we take on so little? We love you guys but we love ourselves too. We aren't interested in the stress of a huge season!

Will you help us plan our elopement?


We're always happy to chat and figure out what will be the coolest possible way to do things. If you need help planning your day please let us know and we can bounce some ideas off of each other to get you the day you deserve.

Will you travel? What are your rates?

We are happy to travel pretty much anywhere!
Our rate kicks in when your location is 45 minutes or more from our home in North Waterloo. Our rate is $60 per hour.

Weddings/Elopements located further than 3 hours away (or 1.5 hours after 10:00pm) will incur a $250 overnight fee on top of our standard travel rate.

Need us to take a plane or a loooong drive? Contact us with more info so we can sort out an accurate rate!

we only want coverage for 2-4 hours, will you do it?

Yep! Just reach out and we can go from there!

Can we add more hours of coverage?

Absolutely! Our packages are built with the optimal timing in mind where we experience minimal downtime. That being said, we totally get that you may have your key events (first dance, cake cutting, etc.) spaced out further than your package allots for.

Extra hours can be added on starting at $450*
*varies on package

Can we have the RAW images/video?

Nope! At no point will any raw images or video footage be provided. If you are booking with us, you trust us. We promise we never leave out anything important/cute/silly.

Will you photoshop our photos?

Short story: no.

Long story: We shoot heavily with a documentary/natural style. While we do colour grade our films (DaVinci Resolve) and images (Lightroom), we do not change your appearance. Temporary things like blemishes/scrapes/bruises will be removed from important images but we truly stand with a "you are who you are" value.

What does "intimate wedding" mean?

For us, this means that your wedding will include 60 guests or less, however if you have a larger guest count we are still open to chat!

Why do prefer intimate weddings and elopements?

To be quite honest, weddings were never 'in our cards' when we started our individual careers. We realized that we thrive as a team when it comes to weddings, but we thrive in small numbers. We really like to hone in on you as a couple and those that truly matter the most to you.

We completely understand that some couples love a lot of people but if you have a large guest count (over 120) we probably just aren't the people for you, and that's okay! If you're hell bent on having us spend the day with you and you have a larger guest count, you can still reach out! We aren't 100% opposed to a larger guest count if our visions align!